Roland-Garros: three icons of style

 - Elodie Iriart

Three Roland-Garros icons, three icons of style, three good reasons to add them to your wardrobe for the 2020 tournament.

When you hear people refer to Roland-Garros “icons” of style, what are the first three accessories that spring to mind? Here’s a clue: they’ve been around for decades, yet still look completely timeless in your wardrobe, as if they’ve not even aged a day.

Let’s take a look back at some eternally chic icons, turning the spotlight on three 2020 versions of designs worth adding to your collection, by La Griffe Roland-Garros, Lacoste and J.M Weston.

1 - The Panama hat

“The aristocrat of all straw hats” is commonly known as a “Panama”, despite its Ecuadorian roots. While it is quite possible that this headgear has existed since the beginning of the 1800s, the origins of its popularity can be traced back to the construction of the Panama Canal.

In fact, it owes its fame to the thousands of workers assigned to the enormous project, who were forced to wear the wide-brimmed straw hats to protect themselves from the sun’s rays.

In Europe, the Panama hat has long since established itself as a must-have part of the wardrobe of visitors to the stands of Roland-Garros. A symbol of casual elegance with a dash of very French chic, the classic Panama hat complete with coloured ribbon hatband never goes out of fashion.

This favoured tennis accessory has once again provided the inspiration for new collections from La Griffe Roland-Garros this year. Available in two shades of ribbon, the 2020 model comes in navy blue and clay-orange, and is enhanced by visible seams.

A familiar sight at Roland-Garros stadium, the Panama hat is an emblematic accessory that will elevate the timeless pieces of the 2020 Lacoste lifestyle x Roland-Garros collection. A blend of refinement, lightness and pliability, the Panama hat is constantly reinventing itself and continues to compete at the top of the rankings.

2 - The Polo shirt

Another huge icon that we owe to an illustrious French player: the polo shirt!

The origins of this timeless piece lie in tennis: René Lacoste had the bright idea to combine effort, performance and style by creating his short-sleeved petit piqué shirt, adorned with arguably the world’s most famous crocodile. Today, the polo shirt is still an essential component of the ultimate sport-chic wardrobe! 

For the 2020 edition of Roland-Garros, Lacoste has opted for a gradient print on its famed polo shirt. It’s time for tie-dye to make a long-awaited comeback in the fashion world and, it goes without saying, on the courts of the legendary Parisian stadium.

Did you think this print was out of fashion? Think again! The wave-shaped colour gradient that was all the rage in the 1990s isn’t finished yet! On the contrary, the co-branded Team Lacoste and Roland-Garros collection offers us a reworking of tie-dye on its polo shirt, creating an even more sporty and trendy look.

3 - The Moc'

This shoe, with its instantly recognisable silhouette, was the darling of young, fashionable Parisians in the mid-1960s. Topping the list of iconic footwear, the moccasin boasts a minimalist aesthetic with a hint of preppy style.

For the 2020 edition of the tournament, and for their fourth consecutive year of successful collaboration, J.M Weston and Roland-Garros have plumped for a winning double, sensing that the time had come to devise the moccasin’s grand comeback. Courtesy of an innovative design and unparalleled comfort, this collection blends utility and pleasure, resulting in an irresistible pair of moccasins.

Get ready to be noticed in the walkways of Roland-Garros stadium, because moccasins are once again on the march! Why not stand out from the crowd by wearing them with dark blue faded jeans, a leather jacket, a twist knit sweater and an oversize chunky knit scarf?

Fans of minimalist chic will delight in this design, which exudes masculine and feminine charm and is available in smooth calf leather and navy blue and clay-orange nubuck.

Find the 2020 collection now in the official Roland-Garros store.