The 2022 Roland-Garros collection is an ode to the brand's sporting heritage. 

Louise Trotter and her team were inspired by sports clubs and their dress codes to create a very on-point 2022 collection anchored in a sports universe.

The pieces within the lifestyle collection are based on the highlights of the latest Lacoste runway shows. Oversized cuts, cable-knit sweaters, the House coat of arms and stripes, all run through the seams of this Roland-Garros 2022 collection.

On the collar, on the sleeve or at the top of the shorts, the stripes give style and movement to the silhouettes, both on court and off.

The coat of arms, representative of the sports club, has been modernized. Ever-present on the pieces in the lifestyle collection, it brings an elegance specific to the Lacoste Fashion-Sport style. It is also very high fashion, with hand-woven effects, while the injected-silicone material forms the sporting basis of the collection.

The color palette is very faithful to the colors of the Lacoste DNA. The novelty lies in the association of primary colors with more pastel shades, as relaxed as the sunny scene at Roland-Garros.


More fashion. More sporty. The Lacoste 2022 performance silhouette is designed as a playground – where the two historical territories of the brand, sport and fashion, express themselves in unison. 

In terms of design, the mesh stripes and the use of laser-cutting bring a futuristic style to the performance silhouette.

In terms of fabrics, Lacoste is already shaping its future by creating new materials. For this 2022 edition, a jacquard mesh has been exclusively created for the on-court outfit of Roland-Garros. The Lacoste Studio was inspired by the classic jacquard associated with a graphic design by Robert Georges to create this new Engineered Jacquard, a mesh jacquard with different opening points.

For women, the performance outfit of the current world number 6, Anett Kontaveit, shows a shorter back, more bare, more feminine, more fashionable, mixed with pleating for the sports and heritage vibes of the silhouette.

Find the Lacoste X Roland-Garros collection on sale in the official Roland-Garros online store.