Lacoste lifestyle x RG 2020 collection: our five favourites

 - Elodie Iriart

Our Top 5 from the Lacoste x Roland-Garros 2020 lifestyle collection.

Lacoste Lifestyle Roland-Garros 2020

Staying loyal to the image of the crocodile brand and of the Parisian Grand Slam, the Lacoste x Roland-Garros 2020 lifestyle collection blends sport-chic style with urban elegance. This je-ne-sais-quoi is what attracts tennis fans and non-fans alike, season after season.

The result? Updated classics and wardrobe essentials that will look fantastic on your Instagram feed! The new line is steeped in nostalgia but with a decidedly modern allure. Combining graphic plant prints, bright hues and colour gradients, the collection proves that style and a passion for sport can go hand in hand. Inject a touch of colour into your life with this exclusive new line!

But which of these items is set to be your favourite? We have made our selection, so here is our Top 5 from the Lacoste x RG 2020 lifestyle collection.

Bandana Lacoste Roland-Garros 2020

1 – Head and shoulders above the rest

Everyone has their own style, and this rule certainly applies to the bandana. This timeless accessory seems to be experiencing a revival, with some people only wearing bright colours while others prefer a more natural palette or a lively floral motif. This year, Lacoste x RG are taking us back to the 90s with this square bandana with a stylish plant print. The look has been given a twist with a modern colour palette of light blue and clay orange. Wear it as a classic bandeau, knotted at the front, on a ponytail, around your neck, in a bun…the choice is yours!

Polo Lacoste Roland-Garros 2020

2 – Make an impression

The epitome of smart casual! The panama hat – a veritable idol on Centre Court, a distinguished icon of the prestigious Parisian tournament – can be found at the very heart of the Lacoste x Roland-Garros 2020 collection. The lifestyle line borrows this legendary motif to elegantly adorn some of the brand’s timeless pieces and essential accessories. On a polo shirt, a clutch or a tote bag, this pattern will ensure you stand out in a crowd. Pair with bright colours to make any outfit a hit!

Casquette végétal Lacoste Roland-Garros 2020

3 – At the peak

The baseball cap has earned its status as the icing on the cake of the Roland-Garros 2020 collection. Worn around the stadium for several seasons now, this simple yet effective accessory really comes into its own as part of the Lacoste x Roland-Garros 2020 lifestyle collection. Decorated with a plant-inspired crocodile design, this two-coloured cap is available in navy blue, red, green or white.

We like offsetting its sporty allure by pairing it with smart-casual classics, but this lovely hat is not just destined to be worn against the urban backdrop of the Porte d'Auteuil: it is also perfect for the beach, to hide frizzy hair and protect you from the sun.

Lacoste Sweat-shirt Roland-Garros 2020

4 – Jungle crocodile

Ever since streetwear came back into fashion, sweatshirts have become a wardrobe staple.A fantastic second layer for walking around the city or sitting in the stands, this Lacoste x RG lifestyle sweatshirt is adorned with the signature plant-inspired design, complete with an oversized crocodile. Wear underneath a trench coat or colourful jacket, or combine the grey hoodie with a belted blazer for a classic combo that gives an edgy vibe to your autumn Roland-Garros look.

Solaires Lacoste Roland-Garros 2020

5 – In the frame

With the Lacoste x RG 2020 sunglasses range, the two brands have managed to transfer the sporty and Parisian elegance of the tournament into these superb sunglasses that go perfectly with any summer or mid-season outfit. A pair of original sunglasses can bring a touch of style to your look without overdoing things. Whether you are spending the summer in the city or at the beach, over the coming weeks you will not be able to leave home without these glasses on your nose. More than a simple accessory, make them the focal point of your look. To stay in keeping with this season’s nostalgic vibe, protect your eyes with the sixties-inspired tortoiseshell frames.

The rectangular or bicoloured oval frames go well with a suede trench, an elegant dress and coat combo, a well-cut shirt or wide-legged trousers.

Browse the exclusive collection now in the official Roland-Garros store.