The official Roland-Garros towel: The whole story

Let's take a look at this essential item, which has become somewhat of an icon

Serviette joueur officielle Roland-Garros Carré Blanc Rafael Nadal© Corinne Dubreuil / FFT
 - Elodie Iriart

There it is, flung across a bench, used to cover a player’s face as they catch their breath between two games, to wipe away victories and defeats. Once the match is over, its work is still not done: it can be found on the beach, on sun loungers, in bathrooms all across the globe.

What is it? The official Roland-Garros towel, of course! We take a look at this essential item, which has become somewhat of an icon on the courts at the Porte d'Auteuil.

Serviettes joueurs joueuses Roland-Garros Carré Blanc©Carré Blanc

Carré Blanc and Roland-Garros, a long-running relationship 

It all began when two renowned French brands teamed up: Carré Blanc, a household linen specialist, and Roland-Garros, the prestigious Grand Slam. This emblematic collaboration blended Carré Blanc’s expertise with the chic and sporty spirit of the Parisian tennis tournament.

A long-term partner and creator of the official Roland-Garros towels, Carré Blanc design and create these exclusive items for the players to use at every edition of the tournament. Used by the stars of the tennis world on the legendary clay courts since 2003, these towels are constantly being reinvented!

Serviettes joueurs joueuses Roland-Garros Carré Blanc©Carré Blanc

A towel like no other

They are dropped, thrown, stuffed in racquet bags; they have won Roland-Garros 13 times with Rafa, and they have witnessed intense pressure, joy and sorrow in the company of the world’s tennis elite. Every year since 2003, two new and exclusive towels are specially designed for the tournament. From a must-buy product to a collector’s item, the Roland-Garros official player towels are legendary. An ideal opportunity to play with the codes of tennis and of Paris, these towels are Carré Blanc’s way of spreading the tournament’s spirit far and wide!

Brick red, turquoise, lime green, bright pink, mauve, clay-orange and even black, Carré Blanc make bold choices in terms of colour and style. The result is always a daring collection that features graphic patterns inspired by the unique identity of the French Grand Slam, making these towels extra special. 

They proudly celebrate the unique heritage of this legendary tournament and its fiercely Parisian spirit. 

So, let’s talk about Paris! The main pattern on the official towels often features the Eiffel Tower, the primary emblem of the City of Lights. From 2003 to the present day, this Parisian landmark has been featured in so many different ways, without ever looking tired. Time after time, the stadium’s numerous symbols pop up:  the St Andrew’s cross, trophies and racquets are sources of unlimited inspiration.

So which is your favourite?

Serviettes joueurs joueuses Roland-Garros Carré Blanc 2019 Clément Viguié©Carré Blanc

A look back at Roland-Garros 2019

“A little-known designer” 

Back in 2019, the Roland-Garros player towels had a little “something extra”. The lucky winner of a one-off competition, a talented young designer from the Condé school of design in Lyon, Clément Viguié, was entrusted with designing the tournament’s official Carré Blanc towels. 

For the 2019 tournament, a tennis racquet whose grip transformed into the Eiffel Tower adorned this essential item. The women’s version was clay-orange edged with navy blue stripes. The men’s version, meanwhile, was navy blue with green edging, in a nod to the Auteuil greenhouse gardens. 

This new creative approach was a fantastic opportunity to shine the spotlight on young French designers. 

Towels for the finals

Another new addition for 2019 was that two exclusive towels caused a stir on Centre Court on finals day!

Specially designed for the men’s and women’s finals, they echoed the design of the official player towels but were used by the four tournament finalists alone. A lovely idea that is now repeated every finals weekend at Roland-Garros.

serviettes officielles roland-garros, carré blanc, 2021

Carré Blanc x Roland-Garros, the 2021 edition

The emblematic player towels are back for Roland-Garros 2021! Clay-orange with light-grey edging for the women, to echo the classic colours of the Parisian tournament. For the men, the towel is a sporty navy blue enhanced with red stripes on either side. These towels immerse you straight into the atmosphere at the Porte d'Auteuil stadium.

Even better, this year, for the first time, the towels are made from GOTS-certified organic cotton. So, if you fancy adding a pop of colour to your kit bag while doing your bit for organic trade, click here to get your hands on one of the new player towels!

Thanks to Carré Blanc and Roland-Garros, this year, another great surprise is in store! Are you ready? More info to follow very soon! We look forward to seeing you on 24th May to 13th June!