Lacoste performance x RG 2021 collection: our five favourite pieces

Here are our five favourite pieces from the Lacoste x Roland-Garros “on-court” collection.

Lacoste Performance Roland-Garros 2021
 - Elodie Iriart

Casual elegance is one of the hottest looks for this spring, as proven by the new Lacoste performance 2021 collection! This year, the crocodile brand is dressing the players from Team Lacoste, the ballkids and the tournament’s umpires and line judges. This technical range, designed for on-court performance, is also available to tennis fans. Never underestimate the power of specialised tennis gear! So, what should you wear when you hit the courts this summer?

Time to celebrate!

The Lacoste performance x Roland-Garros 2021 line is unlike any other, as this year Lacoste and the prestigious Parisian Grand Slam are celebrating the 50th anniversary of their partnership. To honour this long-running collaboration, Lacoste have designed an exclusive collection that blends chic and sporty influences with graphic elegance. 

The result is a line steeped in nostalgia, with modern textiles and a style inspired by the Parisian stadium’s transformation. Combining layered effects, asymmetry and transparency, this collection proves that tradition and style make a winning team, time and time again. 

Lacoste Performance Roland-Garros 2021 Débardeur femme

Second skin

You want to feel good when you are indulging in your favourite pastime, so slip on one of these second-skin ensembles that is sure to stay put as you race around the court! Lacoste x Roland-Garros know exactly what women expect from their sportswear, and the Lacoste performance x Roland-Garros vest top is a perfect example. This chic jacquard piece is equipped with a breathable mesh panel on the back and a V-neck inspired by René Lacoste’s famous jumpers. Comfortable, feminine and ultra-flattering, this tank top’s irresistible striped pattern is sure to hit the mark! 

Lacoste Parfum L.12.12 Roland-Garros 2021

An aroma of red clay

A celebratory aroma pervades at Roland-Garros: the scent of citrus fruits, green plants and red clay, which awakens the senses and inspires joy and performance. But what is this unusual fragrance? It is the new Roland-Garros L.12.12 perfume, a limited-edition scent made by Lacoste to mark the 50-year partnership between the Parisian tournament and the crocodile brand. 

We adore its olfactory identity and its elegance, which is as surprising as it is timeless, a clever blend of tradition and modernity. 

So, close your eyes, spritz, and breathe in the scent of Roland-Garros…

Lacoste Solaires Roland-Garros 2021

Chic eyewear

With the new Lacoste x Roland-Garros 2021 sunglasses, the two brands showcase sporting heritage and authentic French elegance in a range of superb sunglasses for men, women and children. Exude an air of mystery in the stands as you protect your eyes with these stylish accessories.

Ladies, opt for the rounded frames to match the rest of the collection’s nostalgic vibe. They come in a wide variety of colours, including red, Havana brown, black and blue.

Gentlemen, meanwhile, can don the chic yet casual rectangular frames in Havana brown, matt grey, black or blue. 

Lacoste Performance Polo Roland-Garros 2021

Eternal elegance

Elegant, comfortable and versatile, the polo shirt has become a must-have menswear item for all occasions. Its origins are well-documented but, just in case you did not know, this timeless piece came about when René Lacoste had the brilliant idea of combining effort, performance and style by designing a short-sleeved polo shirt in piqué cotton, decorated with the famous crocodile logo. Since then, the crocodile shirt has evolved, been transformed, given a modern twist and innovated while retaining its original charm. The second-skin Lacoste performance x Roland-Garros 2021 version boosts your fashion status on court while boasting a multitude of technical innovations such as its stretchy, breathable fabric and ultra-dry technology. Get ready to hit the courts! 

Lacoste Performance Jupe plissée Roland-Garros 2021

Make a splash with pleats

Emulate Suzanne Lenglen’s style this year with this high-waisted tennis skirt with integrated shorts and an asymmetric pleat. The Lacoste performance x Roland-Garros pleated mini skirt has been given a twist this season and combines tradition with modernity for an eye-catching sporty and feminine look. Extra points are awarded for the elegant yellow trim, which will highlight your figure in straight sets!