Roland-Garros 2022: Download the new version of the app

 - Romain Vinot

Don't miss out on the fantastic features in the latest version of the Roland-Garros app.

Nouvelle version application 2022 / Roland-Garros©Christophe Guibbaud / FFT

Exclusive content, games, augmented-reality map, Podcasts by Mastercard, Dark mode by ENGIE… If you don’t want to miss a second of the Parisian Grand Slam from May 16 to June 5, simply fire up the Roland-Garros app.

We take a quick look at the many features available in the 2022 version of the app.

Roland-Garros in 'spectator' mode

A veritable ally for any spectators heading to the stadium, this year the app will help you prepare for your day at the stadium by suggesting various transport options as well as making it easier for you to get around the Porte d’Auteuil stadium thanks to a new 3D map. You can even see the score of a match as you approach a specific court, while the “augmented reality” option allows you to quickly locate the stadium’s many points of interest. Finally, you can order a meal using the “click and collect” service and can even view your e-ticket in the “Spectator” section (button to the top right of the app).

View, read and…listen!

Essential for following all of the tournament’s live news (scores, results, schedule, statistics, articles, photos, videos), this year the app will once again give users the opportunity to listen to the podcasts made during the tournament and in previous years, in the “Podcasts by Mastercard” section. You can also follow the key matches on Radio Roland-Garros, which is now available in French and English! For the comfort of your eyes and to reduce your energy consumption, you can use the app in “dark mode” courtesy of ENGIE.

Enter the 'RG Gaming Zone'

Hugely popular during the 2021 tournament, the “RG Gaming Zone” has been optimised so that users can play against their friends as well as players from all over the globe, for a chance to win some fantastic prizes. Like last year, your strategic talents will be put to the test  in the “RG Fantasy Game”, your instinct will help you shine in the “RG Bracket” (a game in which you need to guess the whole final draw for the 2022 tournament), and your tennis knowledge will be questioned in the “RG Quiz”!  A desktop version of these games will also be available.

As you have seen, there is only one way to experience the 2022 edition of the Parisian Grand Slam to the full. Don’t miss a minute of this thrilling event:

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