Amateur Series by Peugeot: Step 2 in Brasilia!

 - Alice Jacques

The second stage of the Amateur Series by Peugeot took place in Brasilia.

The atmosphere of Roland-Garros reached the capital of Brazil.

The "Clube del Exercito" in Brasilia has been the setting for the second stage of the Roland-Garros Amateur Series by Peugeot for four days.

"A mythical name"

"It is a unique experience to take part in the Roland-Garros Amateur Series by Peugeot. I have only been playing for a year and I am already travelling to a tournament that bears this mythical name, which has a special resonance for Brazilians.“

“It's really very exciting" says David Vila, coming from Curitiba and who participated there in the first stage of the competition in October.

Intended for tennis players of all levels, the competition is open to a large range of athletes from the age of 13 and without age limit, men and women.

Maurílio Santinelo, 71 years old, testifies: "This is the second time I have competed in the Roland-Garros Amateur Series by Peugeot. Last year I reached the semi-finals. A tournament like this is very motivating.“

"We feel valued"

In Brasilia 125 players from different parts of Brazil competed in 17 categories, some for the second year in a row.

"This is the second time I have competed in the Roland-Garros Amateur Series by Peugeot. There is a very pleasant atmosphere in this tournament. We feel... not like professional players, but more importantly: we feel valued. For amateurs like us, it is an incredible experience.“

“Bringing this Roland-Garros atmosphere to Brazil... it is really special. I am already registered to do the next step in Rio de Janeiro! "says Andressa Fraga, with a smile on her face.

Luciana Bittar, who was already present in Brasilia a year ago, also makes no secret of her enthusiasm. "I love participating in this tournament. I played last year in Brasilia. We have the feeling of being integrated into the legendary tournament that is Roland-Garros. This is a great opportunity. The atmosphere is extraordinary and I don't feel the pressure because all the players are really welcoming and respectful, both on and off the court. I like it. I am happy here.“

At the end of the four stages, the champions of all categories will participate in a draw in which the winner will be awarded two tickets to Paris, where he will be able to experience Roland-Garros 2020.

Next stop: Rio de Janeiro, February 13-16