Fantasy Game: Take part in the Roland-Garros quiz (24th May – 7th June)

 - Romain Vinot

From 24th May to 7th June, enter the Roland-Garros Fantasy Game for the chance to win some fantastic prizes!

From the beginning of the week and until Sunday 7th June, we are inviting you to get into the Roland-Garros spirit! It is an opportunity to relive some of the tournament’s most legendary matches while testing your RG knowledge in the big RG Fantasy Game quiz.

How to enter

Entering the quiz is simple! From 24th May to 7th June 2020, head to the platform every day to answer a series of ten questions about Roland-Garros and tennis in general. The quiz is free to enter, open to everyone and you just need to create an account or sign in with your login codes from last year to play.


Rules of the game

The rules are straightforward too! Once you have signed in on the platform, you will be asked a series of ten questions, some trickier than others. The aim is to give the correct answer as quickly as possible in order to win points. Your knowledge and quick reactions could win you some fantastic prizes!



Correct answers and quick responses will enable you to collect a maximum number of points and climb up the general rankings. On 7th June, after the last set of questions has been asked, the rankings will be frozen and the top five players will be awarded the following prizes:

  • 1st: two tickets for Roland-Garros 2021
  • 2nd: a 2020 player towel  + a microfibre Roland-Garros cap
  • 3rd: a microfibre Roland-Garros cap + a navy “letters” mug + a phial of red clay
  • 4th: a microfibre Roland-Garros cap + a navy “letters” notebook
  • 5th: a multicoloured racquet keyring + a friendship bracelet with the RG logo

But there is more! Even if you do not finish in the Top 5, your points total could earn you one or two “yellow balls”, which will give you an added advantage when the RG Fantasy Game 2020 is launched in September:

  • 1,000 to 10,000 points = 1 yellow ball
  • 10,000 points or more = 2 yellow balls

Click HERE to access the platform from 24th May!