RG Fantasy Game: 2020 Kick-off!

From today, start putting your team together to take part in the 2020 RG Fantasy Game by Infosys!

Hot on the heels of 2019’s success, the RG Fantasy Game by Infosys is back until 11 October. Get your team together from today, and invite your friends to meet their match!

The Aim of the Game

The aim of the RG Fantasy Game is to put together the best team in each round, in order to collect as many points as possible, based on how the players in your team perform in the 2020 tournament. Don’t forget that outsiders can end up bagging you a bumper crop of points!

Depending on how your players fare on the courts, you can use your stock of “yellow balls” to change your team’s line-up as each round gets underway. Here are three ways to get the most out of the 10 “yellow balls” allocated to you in each round:

  • Using the “Change Player” option before a match starts
  • Activating the bonus question (“Duration Challenge”)
  • Doubling or even tripling the number of points at stake for some of your team’s players in a given round.

New for 2020

  • This year, at the end of each round, the RG Fantasy Game player with the most points will be awarded a special prize (e.g. at the end of the first round, there is a Roland-Garros/Wilson co-branded racket bag, a 2020 player’s towel and a Roland-Garros microfibre baseball cap up for grabs).
  • RG Fantasy Game players can use the Infosys H2H module to compare and contrast two players’ stats to help pick the best players in each round.


When the 2020 RG Fantasy Game wraps up on 11 October, there are prizes in store for the top 10 players. The top three winners will win tickets to the 2021 tournament. The seven other winners will win Wilson and Delsey branded goodies and La Griffe products!

To get started: https://fantasy.rolandgarros.com. Good luck everyone!