The Roland-Garros’ summer suitcase

 - Elodie Iriart

A comprehensive list of vintage Roland-Garros 2021 summer essentials

Panamas Roland-Garros Griffe©Amélie Laurin / FFT

This summer’s suitcase has to be surprising, sporty, hard-wearing, colourful and responsible too. We’ve come up with a comprehensive list of vintage Roland-Garros 2021 summer essentials, all of them 100% wearable and guaranteed to make you look good when you catch up with your friends by the water’s edge.

So let’s see what you need to have that #RolandGarrosStyle style on the beach!

Eventail Capsule des Serres Griffe Roland-Garros©Pauline Ballet / FFT

The Roland-Garros Serres capsule collection fan

This timeless little accessory has been reworked once again this year in the Roland-Garros Serres capsule collection. Always on trend, the 2021 fan boasts a sublime multi-coloured plant print that will bring an exotic look to all your leisuretime looks. Light, discreet and versatile, this chic little accessory will keep you cool when relaxing in your straw hat on lunch breaks.

Chouchou Capsule des Serres Griffe Roland-Garros©Pauline Ballet / FFT

The Roland-Garros Serres capsule collection scrunchie

Stay gorgeous after a day on the beach!

It’s hard to maintain that perfect look when you emerge from the water and have to head off to a restaurant, especially if you don’t have a headscarf to hand. This summer, though, there’s no need for be frazzled with the delightful Serres capsule collection scrunchie. As hair care accessories go, there’s nothing better for enjoying a dip and staying stylish.

You can wear it as a hair band or to tie your hair up, halfway up, in a bun or a double bun. Alternatively, you can wear it around your wrist. Whatever you choose to do with it, it’ll bring a summery vibe to your look.

Sac de voyage cabas Delsey Paris Roland-Garros

The Delsey x Roland-Garros tote bag

Overnight bags always seem to be too small to fit all your bits and bobs in, which is why Delsey x RG have come up with one that’s big enough to accommodate your whole life! This large Teflon-coated water-resistant bag can handle pretty much everything when you’re on your travels, from the wear and tear of the metro to stray elbows and surprise weekends away. Solid as a rock, it comes in a gorgeous Paris clay tone and strikes the perfect balance casual style and luxury.

Collection surcyclée Griffe Roland-Garros

The upcycled Roland-Garros beach towel

The upcycled Roland-Garros beach towel is a summertime must-have!

Of the 13 million tons of textiles that are thrown away each year, only two million are recycled. That’s not right! We’re always asking ourselves how compulsive shoppers can be environmentally friendly, which is why we’ve come up with this environmentally friendly and soon-to-be iconic gem.   

Upcycling involves taking something that’s due for the bin and making it more functional or beautiful than it was before. Made from the official players’ towels used at the 2020 tournament, this collection comprises beach towels, bags and toiletry cases.

The tie-dye Roland-Garros T-shirt

Depending on where you stood, tie-dye was the ultimate expression of your rebellion against society or a sign of how your parents had still got Woodstock stuck in their heads. Fast-forward to 2021, though, and the washed-out look is figuring large in the Roland-Garros collections, not least this light blue tie-dye T-shirt. Before you know it, you’ll be wearing these instantly recognisable hippie prints and filling up your Insta feed with them. Take our advice, though: one piece max per outfit.

Plage Roland-Garros©Amélie Laurin / FFT

The #RolandGarrosStyle is go!

Your BFF is posting photos of their splayed toes on a beach in Martinique and your cousin is tagging Perrier-infused drinks on a terrace in Calvi, so you might as well get in on the act. Wear your favourite Roland-Garros accessories and share your photos with the hashtag #RolandGarrosStyle. We’ll post the best of them on our official Roland-Garros Instagram page.