Roland-Garros: more than just tennis, a state of mind

 - Myrtille Rambion

The 2018 tournament was presented at the Atelier Richelieu, in the heart of Paris.


The 2018 tournament was presented at the Atelier Richelieu, in the heart of the 2nd arrondissement in Paris, a “Maison RG” event dedicated to the Roland-Garros brand. An opportunity to dive into a world that goes way beyond sport.

The presentation took place in a former workshop, a stone’s throw away from the stock exchange. The light bursts through the immense glass roofs, highlighting the materials and the industrial atmosphere of the venue. Pure elegance. The flawless wood of the parquet floor converges with the immaculate white of the walls, which accentuate the height from floor to ceiling. Welcome to the “Maison RG”. Here, in this loft-style workshop, is where the French Tennis Federation and the Roland-Garros tournament chose to showcase the essence of the Roland-Garros brand, which represents the values of this unique event throughout the year. We are referring to tennis, of course, but also art, fashion, literature… and architecture.

Roland-Garros, a legendary brand name

The classics always come back: in fashion, La Griffe Roland-Garros is the perfect incarnation of this fact. The brand name represents a legendary tournament, a label that is constantly reinventing itself. The exclusive capsule collections in the Heritage line, presented under a glass roof on the ground floor of the Atelier Richelieu, are the quintessence of this reinvention. “Signature” patterns, polo dresses, jersey club blazers and panamas: everyone can find at least one piece that will become an understated staple in their chic and informal wardrobe. 

An artistic book: “Regards croisés

Just like the poster, which was unveiled before the “Maison RG” day and was created by French modern artist Fabienne Verdier, art is one of the natural components of Roland-Garros. A state of mind. Every year, the FFT gives several photographers free rein to capture special moments during the tournament. The 2017 tournament gave rise to some superb “Regards Croisés” (Crossed glances) between portraits and architecture, taken by Céline Clanet and Jérôme Bryon. These pictures have been published in a book, and their large-format prints were exhibited in one of the rooms on the first floor of the Atelier Richelieu. An ode to Roland-Garros.

A new stadium

Ninety years of existence. The metamorphosis of this legendary stadium is ongoing at the dawn of Roland-Garros 2018, an edition in which more of the new stadium’s constructions will be unveiled, such as the brand-new Village and Courts 7, 9 and 18, as well as the renovated burrstone buildings in the Auteuil Greenhouse Gardens. Modern architecture that respects history, light-filled and urban, blending seamlessly into the Roland-Garros neighbourhood and letting the vegetation push through. The screening of a 3D animation and an interview with Gilles Jourdan, the director of the project to modernise Roland-Garros stadium, were held in one of the rooms in the Maison RG. A model of the future French Open venue occupied pride of place, a mock-up that was previously unseen by the project’s stakeholders and which allowed the day’s – and evening’s – visitors to comprehend the passion injected into this architectural project. Just like into Roland-Garros itself. A brand that lives and promotes strong values all year round.