Juniors wildcards revealed

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Discover the young talents given the chance to compete in the boys' and girls' events at RG2023

Daphné Mpetshi Perricard / Qualifications Roland-Garros 2023©Nicolas Gouhier / FFT

Article updated on June 1st, 2023

Following the recommendations of National Technical Director, Nicolas Escudé, FFT President Gilles Moretton and Tournament Director Amélie Mauresmo are delighted to announce the wildcards attributed for the main draws of the girls’ and boys’ singles tournaments (June 4 to June 10) and and the juniors’ qualifying tournaments (June 1 and 2) at Roland-Garros 2023.

Juniors’ qualifying matches are played at the Cercle Athlétique Montrouge.

Qualifying event - Order of play (June 1st)

Girls’ singles (Main draw)

1. Daphnée Mpetshi Perricard (FRA) / Wild-card circuit France juniors
2. Sarah Iliev (FRA) / Wild-card circuit international juniors
3. Sarah Rakotomanga (FRA) 
4. Astrid Lew Yan Foon (FRA)
5. Eleejah Inisan (FRA)
6. Margot Phanthala (FRA)
7. Lucie Pawlak (FRA)
8. Sol Ailin Larraya Guidi (ARG) / Roland-Garros Junior Series

Boys’ singles (Main draw)

1. Tiago Pires (FRA) / Wild-card circuit France juniors
2. Andréa M'Chich (FRA) / Wild-card circuit international juniors
3. Loann Massard (FRA)
4. Théo Papamalamis (FRA)
5. Loan Lestir (FRA)
6. Thomas Faurel (FRA)
7. Léo Raquillet (FRA)
8. Alejandro Acila (COL) / Roland-Garros Junior Series 

Tiago Pires / Roland-Garros 2022©André Ferreira / FFT

Girls’ singles (Qualifying draw)

1. Dune Vaissaud (FRA)
2. Jenny Lim (FRA)
3. Massiva Boukirat (FRA)
4. Zlata Bartanusz (FRA) 
5. Mathilde Ngijol-Carre (FRA)
6. Eva-Marie Desvignes (FRA)

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Boys’ singles (Qualifying draw)

1. Jules Leroux (FRA) 
2. Evan Jarzaguet (FRA)
3. Maé Malige (FRA)
4. Félix Balshaw (FRA)
5. Raphaël Vaksmann (FRA)
6. Clément Lemire (FRA)

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