Quiz : what do you remember about Roland-Garros 2023 ?

As a true tennis enthusiast, you don't miss a thing when it comes to tennis news, but are you sure you remember everything you need to know about Roland-Garros 2023?

Roland-Garros 2023©Andre Ferreira / FFT

It's now a well-established tradition on our site: in December, we celebrate the end of the season looking back on the events of the year that's just ended.

So, once again, we've prepared a whole series of new contents to help you relive all the emotions of a 2023 season rich in twists, surprises and confirmations of all kinds! With retrospectives, slideshows and quizzes, there's something for everyone! Starting with our special Roland-Garros 2023 quiz!

Records, surprises, winners... Are you sure you've remembered everything? Test your memory and knowledge below!