Roland-Garros 2020: Discover the app’s new features

 - Romain Vinot

Download the app and get into the Roland-Garros spirit, wherever you are!

This year, the Roland-Garros tournament will be held from 21st September to 11th October. To immerse yourself in this thrilling event and follow all the news from the Parisian Grand Slam, simply download the RG20 app! Let’s take a look at the app’s features.

Roland-Garros live from the stadium

Find all the information you might need about the players competing in the 2020 edition of Roland-Garros. Follow the action as it happens with the live scores and see all the results as well as detailed stats for all participants. Monitor your favourite players’ progress and stay up-to-date with all their news by signing up to receive notifications in the “Players” section.

Official and exclusive content

Stay up-to-date with all Roland-Garros news, from the qualifying rounds right up to the finals! On the app, you can browse anything from the schedule to the results, as well as player info. With the official Roland-Garros radio channel and tournament news bulletins, you will receive the latest news in real time throughout the day. It is also an opportunity to browse photos and videos from the tournament.

Check out the stats

Thanks to the Infosys plug-in, you can watch the points rack up as though you were inside the stadium and can analyse the match in depth with the detailed live scores. The new grid layout enables you to determine the key moments and see exactly where the power shifted in the match. And thanks to the Head2head, you can compare your favourite players by studying their past Roland-Garros performances.

Spectator information at your fingertips!  

As you approach the stadium, take out your smartphone and head to the “Spectators” section of the app. This interface allows you to view your tickets, and follow all news from inside the stadium thanks to news alerts and push notifications. This year, you can also dive into our brand new stadium map to find your way to the restaurant, store or partner area of your choice. This way, you will not miss any of the stadium’s must-visit sites!

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