Nadal heads Infosys leaderboard

Defending champ rises to the top of leaderboard thanks to overall performance.

Rafael Nadal© Cedric Lecocq / FFT

With 180 points, Rafael Nadal tops the Roland-Garros Slam Leaderboard ahead of rivals Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer.

The 11-time champion and second seed earned this total through a calculation of his performance across several statistical categories being tracked by Infosys during the tournament.

The Slam Leaderboard ranks the top 10 players on the basis of their overall performance throughout the event, within each round, and according to statistical categories including aces, first serve statistics, winners, break point performance and receiving points.

As Infosys explains, "point calculation is done keeping in mind the volume impact and cruciality impact of the stats."

Interestingly, Nadal is the lowest rated of players in the top 10 when ranked by serve, but makes up significant points in the break point and receiving point categories, contributing to his overall high total.

Check out the full Slam Leaderboard here.

And as the tournament unfolds, the rating are updated and the leaderboard shifts, giving fans a new perspective on which players, statistically speaking, are performing the strongest at Roland-Garros.