Compulsory health pass to access RG from June 9


Here is all the information related to the compulsory health pass needed to enter Roland-Garros starting June 9

From what date and what age is a Health Pass required?
- From 9 June, anyone wishing to enter the stadium with a ticket must show a Health Pass.

- All spectators aged 11 and over must have a Health Pass.

What documents do I need to present along with my ticket?

Anyone wishing to enter Roland-Garros stadium must present one of the following three documents, displaying the 2D-DOC QR code (what is a 2D-DOC QR code, how do I download my test results or 2D-DOC vaccine certificate?):
- Negative results from a PCR or antigen test performed within 48 hours before entering the stadium (maximum number of hours between having the test and entering the stadium).

- Proof of full vaccination (including the delay required for developing antibodies, between 14 and 28 days depending on the vaccine). This certificate is issued by the healthcare professional who administered your vaccine and can be downloaded from the website, for vaccines administered in France. 

- Positive results from a PCR test performed more than 15 days ago but less than 3 months ago, as proof of prior infection.

How to get your 2D-DOC QR Code?
- After your test via the link given in the text message sent by SI‑DEP

- After your vaccine at

What format of document can I present at the stadium entrance? 
We recommend showing a digital version of your document (you can download this from the “carnet” section of the TousAntiCovid app, if in France). However, you can also show it in PDF format on your mobile or on paper. 

Click here to download the TousAntiCovid app

If I come without any of these three documents, can I still enter the stadium if I have a ticket?
No, from 9 to 13 June, anyone who is unable to show any of the three Health Pass documents will not be allowed into the stadium. 

Are foreign vaccination certificates accepted?
- Any documents issued outside France will not be accepted for the Health Pass. 

- All spectators must have a PCR or antigen test in France within 48 hours of coming to the stadium.

- You must pay for the test and will be refunded by your European or universal health coverage. 

- You should download your test results and 2D-DOC QR Code via the SI‑DEP link.