Security is everyone's responsability.

Getting to the Stadium – good habits
  • Please arrive at the Stade with plenty of time: you may be required to wait due to security procedures.
  • The Stadium has a secure outer perimeter. You are required to pass through three Mandatory Checkpoints (PPO Auteuil, PPO Molitor, PPO Boulogne) at the perimeter in order to then gain access to the Stadium. It is strictly forbidden and dangerous to drop people off outside the stadium, on public roads. Express drop-off points can be found close to each controlled point of entry.
  • Please avoid bringing unnecessary bags. Only bags with a capacity of 15 litres or less will be allowed inside. All other bags and forbidden items must be deposited at left luggage before the controlled point of entry.

Find here the non-exhaustive list of forbidden objets in the stadium (to zoom, click here):

  • There are two levels of checks prior to reaching the Stadium: visual checks of jackets and permitted bags, and body searches. Please assist with checks by opening your bag before presenting it to security staff and opening your jacket.
  • To make access easier, please have your ticket ready and provide proof of your identity.
Be watchful – we are all responsible for security
  • Please observe the security rules.
  • Please advise Stadium and security personnel of any suspicious behaviour or unattended bags.
  • Please do not touch the sniffer dogs.