New Infosys stats liven up matches

Stats mean much more when their live, evolving impact on a match is calculated and ranked.

Infosys stats+©

After taking the first set against Tommy Robredo in the opening round of qualifying on Monday, German Rudolf Molleker’s winner count jumped to the top of the stats pile.

The live and evolving Infosys Stats+ feature on the website is part of a mission to make statistics sexier to fans and players alike.

Molleker’s winner count – 14 to eight – was deemed the most significant statistic, which decided the first set.

But upon completion of the straight-sets victory, the order of these numbers had re-ranked before the fan’s eyes, according to their relevance, with Molleker’s superior break-point conversion rate deemed most significant.

Stats with a difference

Wading through the countless rows of statistics to make sense of a match can be a minefield, but Indian tech giant Infosys’s director of operations, Pravin Rao, announced the company had set itself a lofty goal to enhance fans’ experience in its new partnership with Roland-Garros.

The partnership would help fans determine which elements – be it total aces, winners, first-serve percentages – had the greatest bearing on the result.

Basically, it was all about being “able to follow a tennis match without needing pictures”, Rao said.

Infosys Stats+ shows statistics from a match on according to their influence on a match, starting with the statistic that had the highest influence.

The point-by-point moving-data feature will be available on throughout qualifying and the main draw.

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