Roland-Garros eSeries by BNP Paribas: the 2023 tournament kicks off!

The world's largest eTennis event is back for an exciting sixth edition.

RG eSeries by BNP Paribas - Tennis Clash
 - Romain Vinot

Winner of a hugely successful contest last year that featured 238,000 participants, William Foster will set about defending his title in the 2023 Roland-Garros eSeries by BNP Paribas. Here’s everything you need to know about the new format of the biggest eTennis tournament in the world.

Get on your phones, folks!

Do you love challenges, tennis and frenzied games on your phone? Roland-Garros eSeries by BNP Paribas is for you! Just like last year, this great competition will be fought out on Wildlife Studios’ Tennis Clash, the most popular mobile tennis game in the world, one that has already been downloaded by 120 million people. If you’ve not yet heard of this unmissable game, click on the links below to download it and have a crack at the three qualifying stages, which will take place in February, March and April.

Download Tennis Clash on iOS

Download Tennis Clash on Google Play

Save the date(s)

The path to the Grand Final of the competition, which will be held at Roland-Garros Stadium on 26 May, consists of three qualification phases open to the general public that will take place over the next few weeks: 23-27 February, 23-27 March and 20-24 April.

These events will enable four players to join William Foster – reigning champion and winner of the 2023 Tennis Clash Australian Open virtual tournament – and three other finalists from the qualifying tournaments run by Women in Games, Handigamers and the Twitch community.

In fact, in 2023, the Roland-Garros eSeries by BNP Paribas will become the most inclusive eSport competition in the world by extending its partnership with Women in Games – an international organisation striving for parity in the gaming industry – and by launching a new collaboration with Handigamers, a French association helping people with disabilities live out their passion for video games.

Tableau récapitulatif programme eSeries 2023

Several prizes up for grabs

In addition to the claim to fame and a spot in the final, participants in the three Open Qualifiers – the highlights of which will be broadcast on Twitch – will have the chance to win tickets for the 2023 Roland-Garros tennis tournament. The eight finalists will also take part in an eSport workshop prior to the big event so that they can be ready to give their all at Roland-Garros in front of thousands of viewers on Twitch.

Last but not least, prize money of €5,000 will be shared between the winner and the runner-up of the competition, which is run by the French Tennis Federation and sponsored by BNP Paribas and Renault.

Are you ready to meet this challenge head-on? See you on Tennis Clash on 23 February and at Roland-Garros on 26 May!

RG eSeries by BNP Paribas - Tennis Clash