New for 2020: All of the quarterfinals played on Chatrier!

As ticket sales open soon for registered players, we take a look at the changes made to the schedule for this year’s tournament.

Crowd waving on the Court Philippe-Chatrier during Roland-Garros 2019©Pauline Ballet/FFT
 - Myrtille Rambion

If you have already browsed the Roland-Garros ticketing website, you may have noticed that all of the quarterfinals – both women’s and men’s – will now be played on Philippe-Chatrier court.

At the 2020 tournament, these eight matches will be played over two days on Centre Court, with two sessions scheduled per day.

But what does this schedule change mean?

Roof under construction on the Court Philippe-Chatrier©Christophe Guibbaud/FFT

Equal treatment for all players

All of the players – both men and women – that advance to the quarterfinals at Roland-Garros will benefit from the same playing conditions, on Philippe-Chatrier court.

The fact that this court is now equipped with a roof means that play can continue regardless of which quarterfinal is in progress. This would not be the case if the matches were still scheduled simultaneously on Philippe-Chatrier court (with a roof) and Suzanne-Lenglen court (no roof).

Furthermore, all of the players in the same half of the draw will have the same match days and rest days, as the weather will no longer cause any matches to be postponed.

Spectators on the Court Philippe-Chatrier during Roland-Garros 2019©Amélie Laurin/FFT

More opportunities for spectators

This new set-up gives the general public and registered players more opportunities to get their hands on a ticket for Philippe-Chatrier court. Tickets for the quarterfinals are always particularly in-demand.

Now 15,000 spectators can watch each session, compared with the 10,000 that can be seated on Suzanne-Lenglen court.

Player's shadow on the clay of Roland-Garros 2019©Corinne Dubreuil/FFT

A new way to plan your day

At Roland-Garros 2020, the quarterfinals will be played over two days, with two sessions scheduled each day. Session 1 will start at 12 noon, and session 2 will start no earlier than 5pm.

Each session will be the same as last year in terms of the number of matches played. They will each feature two matches: a women’s singles and a men’s singles, or the other way around.

A pumped up Rafael Nadal during Roland-Garros 2019©Julien Crosnier/FFT

What about the men’s semifinals?

Another schedule change involves the time of the men’s semifinals, which has been altered to better suit the spectators.

This also means that the players are guaranteed to play their whole match on one day, thanks to Philippe-Chatrier court’s retractable roof and lights.

Now, the first session will begin at 3pm (instead of 12.50pm) and the second will start no earlier than 5.30pm (instead of 3.30pm).

Visit the ticketing website to purchase your tickets!