Stadium tour

Go behind the scenes at the Stade Roland-Garros and relive the history of the tournament with our exciting guided tour.

The Stade Roland-Garros is waiting for you to discover!

Take an amazing guided tour of a place steeped in tennis history and savour the RG experience. Venture behind the scenes and follow in the footsteps of the greatest champions the game has ever seen, all the way from the locker room to the legendary Court Philippe-Chatrier.

A tour through history

Built in 1928, the Stade Roland-Garros is a shining example of France’s sporting heritage. As part of your tour, you will discover its rich history, from the statue of the French aviator who gave the venue its name to that of Rafael Nadal, taking in the famous Jardin des Mousquetaires, the garden celebrating France’s four tennis “musketeers” of the second half of the 1920s and early 30s: Henri Cochet, Rene Lacoste, Jean Borotra and Jacques Brugnon. “Through these various statues, which tell the wonderful story of the Parisian Grand Slam, the French Tennis Federation (FFT) aims to pass on the tournament’s heritage to future generations,” said FFT President Gilles Moretton in 2021.

While maintaining the greatest respect for tradition, the stadium complex has been modernised and transformed, nowhere more strikingly than at the famous Court Philippe-Chatrier, whose new look is now familiar to you. After enjoying a panoramic view of the complex and its gardens from the top floor, you can admire the tournament’s famous trophies and posters in the presidential stand.

Feel what the players feel

Aside from all the history, the guided tour also gives you the chance to experience what a tennis champion goes through. From the locker room to the press room, you will see what the tournament looks like from a player’s perspective and soak up its unique atmosphere by walking out onto the court via a staircase and corridor adorned with the names of tennis’ greatest legends.

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Average length of tour: 90 minutes


Adults: €16

FFT members: €13

Children aged 5-18: €10

Under 5s: free

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- The press room won't be accessible from 15/08/2023 until 4/11/2023

- The locker room won't be accessible from 12/09/2023 until April 2024