Highlights of the tournament

The tournament welcomes a “novice” to its list of winners in the shape of Spain’s Carlos Moya, who defeats his friend and fellow Spaniard Alex Corretja in the final. Just a few hours before the football world cup kicks off in France, the Coupe des Mousquetaires is presented to Moya by the most famous footballer of all time, none other than Pele. 

It certainly is Spain’s year since the women’s tournament sees Arantxa Sanchez win her third title in Paris as she gets the better of Monica Seles in the final, with the latter finally back to her best after her injury. 

As part of the tournament, the stadium plays host to the “Legends’ Trophy” during the second week of the fortnight, which meets with considerable spectator approval in its first year. The final of the over-35s sees Mayer / McNamara take on Bahrami / Leconte on a packed No.1 Court. 

For the first time since the inauguration of Suzanne Lenglen Court in 1994, the tournament is sold out in its entirety. 

Video highlights