England’s Fred Perry takes a four-set final over title-holder Gottfried von Cramm. In the women’s, Hilde Sperling takes the trophy on the Parisian clay for what would be the first of many! 


Jean Borotra wins his last title at the age of 38, in the men’s doubles alongside Marcel Bernard. The men’s and women’s singles are won by Gottfried von Cramm and Hilde Sperling. 


Germany’s Hilde Sperling wins a third consecutive title, defeating France’s Simonne Mathieu for the third time in a row. In the men’s singles, Germany’s Henner Henkel follows on from his compatriot Gottfried von Cramm. 


In his one and only appearance, America’s Donald Budge takes home the title en route to the first Grand Slam in the history of tennis. After losing no fewer than six finals, France’s Simonne Mathieu finally wins the women’s title. 


The men’s final is 100% American for the first time, with William McNeill defeating Bobby Riggs. Simonne Mathieu wins her second women’s title in a row at the Porte d’Auteuil. 

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