Helen Wills-Moody wins her third consecutive title in the women’s singles. In the men’s, Henri Cochet secures another win in Paris, defeating America’s William Tilden in the final. The veterans tournament sees 16 players taking part and is won by Germany’s Froitzhelm. 


For the first time at Roland Garros, the men’s doubles is not won by a French pair but by the Americans Lott and Van Ryn. The men’s singles on the other hand is won by a home player, with Jean Borotra emerging victorious from an all-French final against Christian Boussus. Germany’s Cilly Aussem wins the women’s title. 


Henri Cochet’s victory in the final against Italy’s Giorgi di Stefani makes him the first player to win Roland-Garros four times. In the women’s, Helen Wills takes the singles title for the fourth time. 


For the first time since the stadium was inaugurated, a player from abroad – Australia’s John Crawford – wins the men’s singles, defeating Henri Cochet while using a strange triangular racquet. England’s Margaret Scriven is the first left-handed player to take the women’s title. 


Gottfried von Cramm becomes the first German to win the tournament, while Margaret Scriven triumphs for the second year in a row, defeating USA’s Helen Jacobs in the final.