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Babolat, an official supplier of Roland-Garros, are launching two ranges of co-branded products for 2019. These exclusive and premium collections are inspired by the values shared by Babolat and the Parisian Grand Slam: history, innovation and the “French Touch”.

Since 2011, Babolat has been the Official Ball of Roland-Garros. It is a tennis ball which has been specially created and developed to fulfil the highly specific requirements of the clay-court game, both in terms of durability and bounce.

Babolat also provide the official racquet and stringing service during the tournament. The stakes are obvious for the brand: they want to offer the players the best racquet and stringing service in the world.

Their expertise is clearly appreciated by the players, as during the 2018 tournament, Babolat’s staff serviced 5,667 racquets. A record that might be beaten in 2019!

“Roland-Garros symbolises the very best of tennis, and all of the players and fans of tennis worldwide come here to live this unique experience,” announced Antoine Ballon, Tennis Global Marketing Manager at Babolat. “The Roland-Garros clay is certainly the most demanding surface, where players can express all their talent on the road to victory. We share their passion and want to contribute to this mindset. This is what motivates our brand’s performance.”

Babolat and Roland-Garros: two new collections that combine innovation and “French spirit”

For 2019, Babolat are introducing the “Pure Player” and “Spirit of the Slam” ranges, made up of  racquets, strings, bags and accessories, so that tennis fans from all over the world can take a bit of the French Grand Slam home with them.

Pure Aero Roland-Garros: a high-performance range, available in a limited Roland-Garros edition

The Pure Aero Roland-Garros, the flagship product in the high-performance “Pure Player” range, will be used by some of the pro players from Team Babolat. This racquet is ideal for players who like to use a lot of spin.

The Pure Aero Roland-Garros is equipped with the same technologies as the standard Pure Aero racquet, but in a limited Roland-Garros edition: a clay-coloured design on an eye-catching yellow frame, with Roland-Garros and Babolat co-branding.

The aerodynamic frame allows the racquet head to move faster, increasing the ball speed and generating spin. This racquet responds to the players’ request for more power and optimum spin.

Spirit of the Slam: a range directly inspired by Roland-Garros for all fans

Chic French style, with sophisticated touches of red clay, make the new “Spirit of the Slam” a must-have for all Roland-Garros fans. A worldwide best-seller, this limited-edition Pure Drive Team is ideal for players who want a lightweight, powerful and wieldy racquet.  

With the Racket Holder X12 Roland-Garros to match the Pure Drive Team limited-edition racquet, tennis fans can use the same bag as the pro players from Team Babolat do during the tournament. Don’t miss out on this limited-edition racquet bag!


Official ball of Roland-Garros

More than 60,000 balls are used every year during the French Open tournament. The Babolat Roland-Garros ball was developed by Babolat and Roland-Garros according to very specific standards, to make the clay-court game more dynamic and attractive.

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