Clubs Roland-Garros : Minas has Tenis in his Name!

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Great red clay facilities, amazing venue and being part of the Roland-Garros family: that how and why Minas Tenis Clube became a "Club Roland-Garros".

Club's ID:


Address: Rua da Bahia, 2244 - Lourdes - Belo Horizonte-MG, Brasil

Creation: November 15th 1935

31 courts, all clay

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Members :

Over 82 Thousand members, biggest club of Brazil of olympic sports. 

15% until 12 years old

7% from 13 to 17 years old

14% from 18 to 30 years old

20% from 31 to 45 years old

23% from 46 to 60 years old

21% over 60 years old


Ricardo Santiago

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The Club has Tennis in its name, it is in Minas' DNA. All of the best Brazilian tennis double players of the century have developed their talent at our courts, such as Andre Sá, Bruno Soares and Roland Garros 2015 champion Marcelo Melo.

Minas has been South American Champions as a team and has acumulated over 50 international titles with its players around the world.

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Minas has also won several titles amongst the other sports modalities developed within its walls: 9x Men's volleyball national champions (most titles in history) and 3x South American champions, 3x national champions and 4x South American champions of Women's volleyball team (current champions of the National league, Continental tournament, Brazil Cup and State championship), 1x South American Basketball Champions 2007, 21x Swimming national champions (current #1 in the national ranking), 5x Judo national champions and a bronze Olympic medal with Ketleyn Quandros and Luciano Correa as World Champion, 2x Futsal national champions and several titles amongst Gymnastics athletes.