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Live Blog: Sunday, June 8, 2014
  • 19:50
    Right, that's it from us. Thanks for reading over the past 15 days. We'll see you again in just under 49 weeks' time! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did! Always a pleasure, never a chore!
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  • 19:03
    Tears of joy for Rafa as the Spanish national anthem rings out around Philippe Chatrier Court:
  • 19:01
    El rey del Clay!
  • 18:59
  • 18:56
    Great ovation for Nole as he steps up to receive the finalist's plate. He goes to shake Borg's hand and Bjorn pulls him in for a hug. Nole almost in tears himself as the applause goes on and on.
  • 18:54
    FFT President Jean Gachassin and six-time champ Bjorn Borg come out for the trophy presentation.
  • 18:53
  • 18:52
  • 18:51
  • 18:48
    Nole meanwhile is still shaking his head, five minutes on... Poor Nole, after such a comeback...
  • 18:47
    Rafa climbs up into his box to receive the plaudits of his entourage.
  • 18:45
    A double fault and Nadal wins, 3-6, 7-5, 6-2, 6-4. Nole went long on the first service, took two tosses on the second, waited, bounced the ball, waited then served. Long. And while Rafa was on his knees, Nole ironically applauded the crowd for not being silent as he tried to serve (there was noise both times he tried to serve).
  • 18:44
    You. Will. Not. Believe. How. This. Ended.
  • 18:43
    Nole goes long on an easy inside-out forehand. Match point!
  • 18:43
    30-love becomes 30-all. Two points from a niner...
  • 18:43
  • 18:38
    Rafa holds via deuce. 5-4. Nole to serve to stay in the match in two minutes' time.
  • 18:37
    Deuce... Rafa's six points from glory but Nole's six points from taking it into a fifth...
  • 18:35
    30-all as Rafa nets. Three hours, 21 minutes of play. And we still haven't had a tie-break...
  • 18:32
    It's 4-4 as Nole holds to 15 and he *really* has a spring back in his step! It's like so many of their matches - one of them dominates for about four games then the other raises his game a notch higher...
  • 18:27
    Huge return from Nole and he breaks back! 4-3! Sting in the tail, here!
  • 18:25
    Rafa hits a forehand down the line winner which Nole somehow gets back with a defensive shot that is right on the baseline and Rafa nets the subsequent smash! Two break points.
  • 18:24
    15-30 as Rafa double-faults... The crowd, split evenly down the middle, cheer on their respective hero.
  • 18:21
    4-2 Rafa! Djoker hit a cross-court backhand that would have defeated any mere mortal but Rafa got it back, stayed alive in the point and waited for Nole to hit one wide. Which he did.
  • 18:20
    Deuce on the Noleserve. Djoker smashing lethargically, allowing Rafa to stay in rallies where he should be dead and buried. And now we have a break point...
  • 18:14
    3-2 as Rafa holds to love, game point courtesy of a Nole UE. Rafa's 39/31 on winners / unforced errors, Nole is 39/40. Those nine extra UEs have made the difference.
  • 18:10
    Nole holds after Rafa goes forehand long. 2 each apiece.
  • 18:04
    15-30 on the Rafa service becomes an easy hold after three big services and three wonky returns...
  • 18:02
    1-1. Nole's 11 games away from his career Slam...
  • 17:58
    Rafa holds to open the fourth. He's five games away from making it a niner...
  • 17:50
    A huge rally at deuce on the Nole service sees Rafa dominate to bring up set point, then Nole goes long on an inside-out forehand. Two sets to one Rafa. Nole goes for a comfort break so Rafa decides to as well. Nole looking very pink of face during that third set.
  • 17:43
    Great return and then follow-up from Nole, sending Rafa across the baseline like a puppet on a string, then he nets a simple backhand at the net! 5-2 Rafa and Nole just stands and stares for what seems like an eternity up at his box. Where art thou, Boris, and where's your net play when Nole needs it?
  • 17:42
    Lovely drop from Rafa saves a break point. More deuce and we're up to 11 minutes for this game alone!
  • 17:40
    4-2 deuce as Nole keeps on keeping on. He's battling here on the Rafa service.
  • 17:35
    4-2 as Nole holds. Meanwhile, people all around the world are enjoying this match, including just up the road at the foot of our most famous monument:
  • 17:27
    Three short points later and it's 4-1 Rafalicious. Booming inside-out forehands.
  • 17:25
    Advantage Nole on the Rafa service! He suddenly has a spring in his step again!
  • 17:20
    3-1 as Nole holds to 15, finishing off with an ace of his own. He was looking a little weak and dizzy on the changeover, was Nole, but he seems fine now.
  • 17:20
  • 17:17
    3-0. Rafa finishes off a love service game with an ace.
  • 17:12
    30-40 on the Nole service. Serb and volley, and Nole nets a simple backhand slice! 2-0 Rafa! A few games ago, Nole was within sniffing distance of a 2-0 lead...
  • 17:07
    1-0 Nafael Radal, a hold to 30.
  • 17:06
    Nole 9/24 on the second service. Rafa's on the ascendancy.
  • 16:59
    Rafa pummels Nole back further and further then hits a forehand down the line for a crisp winner. And then he pumps his fist and yells what looks like a "come on" but was probably a "vamos", but either way you could probably hear it at home, wherever you were sitting! And off he goes for a comfort break. One set all!
  • 16:58
    5-6, 15-30... 15-40 as Nole goes inside-out on the forehand and sticks it just wide... Two set points...
  • 16:57
    6-5 Rafa.
  • 16:49
    Serb and volley! Learn that from Boom Boom, did we? Nole holds to 30. 5-5... Ooh, the tension we'll have if there's a tie-break.
  • 16:46
    Rafa holds to 15 on the back of some kicking services. At the changeover, a ball boy comes over and wraps a bunch of chilled towels round his neck. 5-4.
  • 16:44
    A little light relief from all this tension. Maria, one day on...
  • 16:43
    First hold in three games! Four apiece. Nole's currently just ahead of Rafa in the forehand winner stakes (11-9).
  • 16:41
    Nole's turn to save a break point but we're still at deuce...
  • 16:35
    He's broken back! Rafa looooongs a forehand. He's currently 16-18 on winners/UEs while Nole is 18/16! And that stat was pretty much the reverse before that game... 4-3, back on service!
  • 16:34
    Ay caramba! 15-40 after a few lethargic forehands from Rafa. He saves the first. Now it's a second service at 30-40...
  • 16:30
    Rafa breaks! He puts that disappointment behind him to dominate two Nole second services and take a 4-2 lead.
  • 16:27
    Hoo cha! 30-40 on the Nole service, Rafa dominates and hits a winner that is called in. Nole gets Pascal Maria down and he... raises his right index finger! Juuuuuust out. Deuce.
  • 16:21
    3-2 Rafa who holds to 15, game point being a forehand that absolutely paints the corner.
  • 16:18
    Nole holds to 15. He ain't blinking either!
  • 16:13
    30-all. Second service. Nerves? Nada. Rafa steps up to el plate and holds. 2-1.
  • 16:12
  • 16:10
  • 16:09
    1-1 as Nole holds to 15, comfortably. Rafa leans in to serve again and opens up with a big 'un.
  • 16:08
  • 16:06
    1-0 as Rafa holds to 30. Plenty of tennis left in this one!
  • 16:00
    Well, Nole won far more points on his first service - 17 to Rafa's 11. 8 UEs each but Nole hit 11 winners to Raftastic's 6.
  • 15:58
    Huge service and follow-up and Nole has the first set in the bag, 6-3!
  • 15:57
    Deuce after Rafa dominates the rallies but shanks a couple.
  • 15:55
    15-40 on the Nole service this time around after some second services and a particularly poorly-chosen drop.
  • 15:53
  • 15:51
    Rafa serves large again, goes inside out on the forehand and... puts it wide! 5-3 to the Nolemeister!
  • 15:50
    Nole forehands down the line to set up a third break point.
  • 15:49
    15-40 as Nole gets one that kicks off the net cord and lands on the line! Big first services both times, particularly the second for a winner, and it's back to deuce.
  • 15:45
    4-3 to the Nolester but he was forced to work with a huuuuge point on deuce. Still hot out there by the way.
  • 15:38
    3-3. Plenty of stats flying around about how Rafa defeats Nole if he wins over 50% of points on his second service. He's currently 4/6.
  • 15:33
  • 15:30
    2-2. Nole got to 30-all but then fluffed a few. He's getting worked up over the points he drops - he's going to have to come to terms with that! This is Rafa he's playing after all...
  • 15:28
  • 15:23
    2-1 Nole. Neither player getting much change out of the other's service.
  • 15:20
    1-1. Nole holds to 15, Rafa holds to love. Whoosh.
  • 15:17
  • 15:14
    OK, here we go! First point Djokovic.
  • 15:11
    Rafa won the toss and chose to... receive! Pascal Maria in the chair. Cool ump (shares a birthday with me and Johnny Mac). He also gave Rafa a few warnings earlier in the tournament for taking too long over service.
  • 15:11
  • 15:05
    So, the Nolester dropped two sets en route to the final, against Cilic in the third (third set) and against Gulbis in the semi (against the third set). Rafa dropped the opener to Ferrer in the quarters, before murdalising the now Amelie Mauresmo-coached Andy Murray.
  • 15:02
    The players are out on court, and we have just had a minute's silence for the anniversary of D-Day, 70 years ago.
  • 14:56
  • 14:28
    Which #team are you? #TeamRafa for me. With this heat, his forehands are going to be spitting up and landing in the upper deck of the stands.
  • 14:23
    Let me know as well by writing in below!
  • 14:21
    Errani and Vinci are still top of the Race to Singapore in doubles, but today's win makes Hsieh and Peng 12-0 in finals together!
    Article : Hsieh and Peng live up to top billing
  • 14:19
    John and Patrick McEnroe win the over 45s legends' doubles!
  • 13:50
  • 12:59
    Another cheeky late break and the No.1 seeds Hsieh and Peng take the opener 6-4.
  • 12:50
    4-4! Break-tastic! Make that 5-4 as Hsieh holds.
  • 12:42
    Break back Peng / Hsieh, but they are currently 15-40 down on their own service. And the sun is beating down so that's worth an icon.
  • 12:37
    Errani and Vinci have secured an early break over top seeds Hsieh and Peng and lead 3-2 in the women's doubles final.
  • 12:35
    Mansour Bahrami and Fabrice Santoro have just won the 35s-45s doubles, defeating Arnaud Clement and Nicolas Escude.
  • 12:33
    Afternoon everybody, and here we are for the men's final and what should be the last day of Roland Garros 2014, provided that the weather holds. And it should, just about. It's hot hot hot at the moment and it might get a little stormy later on, but hopefully we can avoid the rain.
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