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An interview with... Novak Djokovic

Monday 26 May 2014
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Q.  On a day like this, how do you approach all of the rain delays and everything?  You play cards with boys?
    NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  Actually, I didn't have that much time to spare in the locker room.  So I spend time resting and just try and saving the energy, I guess, for what was coming up.

    Q.  Can I ask what you and the ball boy were talking about?
    NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  We had a nice chat.  He's a tennis player, so I asked him how long he's playing, and, you know, how he's enjoying his time as a ball kid.
    It was a nice, fun time, something unusual for the Grand Slams.  But we waited for around 10 minutes in the pouring rain on the court, so I felt there's something I should do and make a new friend (smiling).  He accepted the offer to sit down, which I didn't think he would do, but he did.  So he's very spontaneous little boy, and I hope I see him my next match.

    Q.  What are your thoughts on your performance today?  What do you think about Chardy next round?
    NOVAK DJOKOVIC:  Well, today I played for most of the match quite solid.  End of the match was not so nice from my side.  Dropped the serve twice.
    But, you know, very heavy conditions.  The court is not that great, in a great condition at this moment.  But of course, considering the amount of the rain that we had in last four or five days, it is not easy for people to maintain the court in the right state.  They are doing their best.
    In my opinion there are a few times today they maybe should have covered the court earlier.  So I think the chair umpire should have made a decision earlier to take us off the court and cover the court.  I'm talking for the court's sake, you know, for a good condition, because it was a lot of rain.
    I know that on clay, of course, we can play with certain, I guess, level of rain, but still it's not that great for the court's condition.
    Considering my next opponent, playing French tennis player in France, we all know how challenging that is.  He had a big win against Federer in Rome, so I'm sure he's very motivated to play his best.
    But I was looking forward to this tournament for a long time.  I'm in a good form, and hopefully I can use that against Chardy.

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