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An Interview with Roger Federer

Sunday 25 May 2014
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Q.  Tennis alone doesn't give you happiness, but how much happier are you today with your game and with your life?
    ROGER FEDERER:  I mean, everything is great.  I'm happy I got off to a good start for the tournament here in Paris.  There's always that little bit of feeling that if you don't feel well, if the opponent plays great, whatever happens so you could lose early.
    So I was happy seeing, getting early signs out of the match that I was actually playing well and I was going to get my chances I was looking for.
    I'm very pleased with the outcome of the match, you know, very satisfied.
    My personal life, as we know, it's all great, so I'm happy the family is here.

    Q.  You get to play one of two qualifiers next.  I was wondering if you knew much about them, Schwartzman or Elias.  If you don't know much about them, how would you prepare for a match like that?
    ROGER FEDERER:  Yeah, I don't know Schwartzman, to be honest, and I know Gastao Elias better.  I have practiced with him in the past, and when he was just sort of coming up, you know, when he was still maybe 17 I was practicing in a few days in a row in Monaco, I think, one time and again maybe in Miami.  I know him quite well.  We always have a chat.  So it will be fun playing against him, clearly.

    Q.  You have been working with Edberg.  Can you talk about your work with him and how is it progressing and whether you have done anything special for this tournament.
    ROGER FEDERER:  Well, I mean, I think for me it was more the last few months getting back in shape, becoming healthy again, 100%, and then solidifying all of that, really.  I think Stefan comes in the most, you know, with little hints, little advice here and there, and just observing what is going on, and just sort of staying in touch with him.
    If I have any questions, I can always ask him.  It's really nice for me to have him as such an inspirational person, you know, in my team.  He was very happy with what he saw today, so that makes me happy, too.

    Q.  You played against Slovak opponent.  Your wife has Slovak background.  Do you speak any Slovak?  We know your great language skills.
    ROGER FEDERER:  Yeah, but not on that one (laughter). For some reason, I don't understand a word when she speaks.  And it's been, what, 15 years now I have been with her almost?  It's such a hard language that    I don't know.  At least my daughters understand it, and my wife speaks it and all that, so that's enough.  It's good for them.
    No, clearly I have never been to Slovakia, would like to go one day, and sure, we had to smile when we saw the draw that I was going to playing against Lacko today.

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