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Catching up with ... Garbine Muguruza

By Myrtille Rambion   on   Saturday 28 May 2016
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Garbine Muguruza took time out to chat with and discuss all things she loves about Paris, France and Roland-Garros.

We've read that Roland-Garros is one of your favorite tournaments in the world...

"It's true (smiling). I don't know if it's my favorite but it's for sure in the top. Because I grew as a tennis player in Spain and that means that Roland-Garros is everything! Every Spanish player wants to win it. And it's on clay. And we have Rafa who's a legend. So you have everything to make it the best tournament."

Roland-Garros takes place in the city of Paris: according to you what's the most iconic thing about Paris?

I love going to these little cafeterias inside some boulangeries and patisseries where you can get these little croissants and sweets ... And these little tables so you can just be there on the terrace! It's kind of, I don't know, beautiful. And I have a French coach, Sam Sumyk, who writes for me a little list of recommendations telling me: 'Garbine you need to go here, you gotta go there...' And they are perfect. I also enjoy to do some sightseeings which is very important here."

Your coach loves good food and so do you. You like to cook, right?

"I love to cook! But I never have a kitchen to cook on tour, it's hard sometimes. But I love especially sweets!"

What kind of sweets do you enjoy the most in Paris?

"I love all the sweets but ... But I would say... some french croissants with some Nutella inside (smiling). Or macarons, I love also macarons!"

As you have a French coach, can you speak a little French?

"'Un petit peu parce que c'est très difficile' (smiling). The pronounciation is hard but I'm learning a lot from him. He talks to me in French, I'm like: 'Sam, do it, I need to learn!"

You're also a soccer fan...

"Yes I'm a fan of soccer but it's hard to chose one team. I'm into an individual sport so I like to see players. But if you follow one team ... only one is so hard. In Spain it's crazy, it's like so hard to decide. So... I'm not going to decide."

So who are your favorite soccer players?

"I love Messi, I love Neymar. I love Cristiano! He's such a competitive player. There are so many... Beckham! (smiling) But for another reason..."

You're also a music lover. We always see you with your headphones on before entering the court. What kind of music do you listen to?

"There's only one type of music I don't like: the heavy metal. That's so annoying. But otherwise I love everything: opera, latin music, hip hop. By the way before my matches I like to listen to some hip hop, some dance music to make me dance a little bit."

You mentioned opera: which one is your favorite?

"I love Pavarotti. There's one song I listen to with my brother, we put so much volume in the house and we are like: 'aaaah' (singing). I don't know the lyrics so much. I have a lot of songs I don't even know who's singing but I just listen to it."

Do you know some French songs?

"Yeah! I know David Guetta, Bob Sinclar. I also know Jacques Brel."

But he was from Belgium ...

"Well, he sang in french, so... Hold on! I know! There's this song going like (she hums). "Moi... Lolita!" You see, I know a lot of french songs (laughter)."

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