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True or False: Milos Raonic

By Myrtille Rambion   on   Thursday 26 May 2016
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No.8 seed Milos Raonic reveals his sneaky side, discusses his heroes and has a confession to make about his Parisian tourist credentials...

True of False: You're a bit of a prankster?

I'd have to say yes, it's true - I like working out how to push people's buttons. Sometimes it can be simply hiding behind the door when somebody walks in and scaring them, other times I'll bring up things my friends and family have phobias about in conversation. Like my mom - she hates talking about snakes, so I'll keep talking about snakes.

True of False: You could see yourself working on Wall Street one day?

Maybe I will be after I'm done as a tennis player. I was looking forward to studying finance at university, and it's probably a career I would have liked to pursue.

True or False: You're a big fan of Steve Jobs?

True. If I could have dinner with any person, dead or alive, he would probably be on my shortlist. I think he had an incredible way of knowing what people wanted before they realised they wanted it. That insight is something that has revolutionised the world. The products that he put out before his death still continue to be the most revolutionary products, and I believe his legacy is going to be felt through this generation and through many more to come.

True or False: Michael Jordan is one of your sporting heroes?

Michael Jordan, his competitive nature was incredible. There are many former athletes that have done incredible things, and the more I spend time reading about these people, the more and more I admire them.

True or False: Even though you love the fine arts, you've never been to the Louvre?

Yes, that is true. I don't know if it's the first museum I'd like to go to, because I enjoy more contemporary art, but it is definitely something that I need to get checked off the list of things to do in Paris.

True or False: Walking is the best way to see Paris?

True. When I'm not taking the transport from the tournament, walking is the best way to get around Paris. There's so much beautiful architecture and many different things to see that it'd be a shame to only see it from a car window.

True or False: You're a fan of the shops here in Paris?

Well... I used to love to shop here but I'm actually trying to cut down on how many things I own. So probably this time it's not so true!

True or False: Your French is getting much better?

Yes, true! After press conferences  I do pretty much one French question each time and that's helped me improve - living in Monaco has definitely helped me there as well.

And what's your favorite word in French?



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