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Suzanne Lenglen Court in 2014 © Droits réservés-FFT


The Suzanne Lenglen Court, the Stadium’s most recently-built show court.

In the early 90s, it became clear that the Stadium lacked space. Centre Court and Court No.1 were no longer sufficient.

Supported by the City of Paris, the FFT launched the Stadium’s third ever extension project. Delayed by a year due to a long legal battle, the project came to fruition in 1994 with the inauguration of a brand new 10,000-seat court, designed by the Girardet architecture studio. A modern extension of a certain tradition, the court is partly below ground level and is composed of two ellipse shapes structured around four pillars.

Originally called Court A, it was renamed "Suzanne Lenglen Court" in 1996 to pay homage to the "Great Lady" of French tennis. In front of the East Stand there is a bronze high-relief of Suzanne Lenglen, created by Italian sculptor Vito Tongiani. An unusual feature of Suzanne Lenglen Court is that it houses an underground irrigation system which conserves the surface’s humidity levels.

© Droits réservés-FFT