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Mythical objects at the heart of all dreams…

Trophies recognizing the career of a champion…The Roland-Garros trophies reflect the history of tennis and the French Open.

Awarded to the winners since 1953, these trophies have evolved with the prestige of the tournament. True works of art, these modern trophies are designed by Mellerio dits Meller, the famous Parisian jewelers since the 17th century.


Roland-Garros' trophies.


Musketeers’ Cup 

The Musketeers’ Cup has been awarded to the winner of the Men’s Singles event since 1981 and pays tribute to the four Musketeers of French tennis: Jean Borotra, Jacques Brugnon, Henri Cochet and René Lacoste.

A silver bowl bordered with vine leaves around the top and decorated with two swan-shaped  handles, the trophy is mounted on a marble base in which is inscribed the names of the winners since 1891.

Mousquetaires Cup


Suzanne-Lenglen Cup 

The Suzanne-Lenglen Cup has been awarded to the Women’s Singles champion since 1979 and bears the name of an emblematic French champion. Suzanne Lenglen (1899-1938) won the French Open six times. Her modern style, elegance and flair were what inspired the Musketeers.  

The trophy is almost identical, minus a few details, to the cup offered at the time by the City of Nice to Suzanne Lenglen, and which is housed in the National Sports Museum. 


Suzanne Lenglen Cup

Jacques-Brugnon Cup 

The Jacques-Brugnon Cup is awarded to the winners of the Men’s Doubles event… a wonderful tribute to the Musketeer Jacques Brugnon (1895-1978), a renowned specialist of the discipline.

Created in 1989, this trophy is designed with appliques and its base is decorated with repetitive ornaments in relief, otherwise known as fluting.


Jacques Brugnon Cup


Simone-Mathieu Cup 

The Simone-Mathieu Cup is awarded to the Women’s Doubles champions. Created in 1990, this round trophy is adorned with two small handles in the form of swans and decorated with leaf moldings. Active in the 1930s, Simonne Mathieu (1908-1980) is a clay specialist. She played the singles final at Roland-Garros eight times, winning twice, in 1938 and 1939, and also won eight titles in Women’s Doubles and Mixed Doubles.

In 1940, Simonne Mathieu joins General De Gaulle in London and was a captain by the end of the war.

Simone Mathieu Cup

Marcel-Bernard Cup

The Marcel Bernard Cup has been presented to the French Open mixed doubles champions since 1990. The trophy is oval and features turned and inserted mouldings, a carved frieze and two handles, while the base features two turned mouldings.

It pays tribute to Marcel Bernard (1914-1994), the highlight of whose career was victory at Roland-Garros in 1946.


Marcel Bernard Cup