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Court 1 in 2014 © FFT


At the eastern end of the Stadium lies Court No.1, which today can seat up to 3,800 people.

Its circular shape and the way it is lit by the evening sun in the springtime give it a particularly warm atmosphere, making it a favourite court for many players and spectators.

It was built in 1980 in response to the tournament’s ever-increasing number of spectators. The decidedly modern "1" was the work of architects Claude Girardet and Jean Lovera.  At the time, a circular shape was the only way to avoid “traffic jams” with spectators leaving Centre Court’s nearby Stand D.

For the first time in the Stadium’s history, the Saint Andrew’s cross was left out, but the acroterium that sits on top of the construction has since become just as famous! Once the ensemble was finished, the idea was raised of engraving the names of the men’s and women’s singles champions on it every year. From the very first victor, H. Briggs, the Englishman who won the 1891 edition, to Rafael Nadal, Steffi Graf, Yannick Noah and Justine Henin, all of the great names who have made tournament history are displayed on the feature.

There is space to display plaques showing the winners’ names until 2020.