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Have a cool drink or an ice cream and enjoy the atmosphere by the bustling Place des Mousquetaires.

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There is a wide range of food and drink available at the stadium, be it for a quick break between games, a gourmet meal or even the tournament's signature "Ace Royal" cocktail!


This unique setting surrounded by greenery is open to the general public for gourmet snacks and meals, with three different styles

The Gourmet Gardens

A la carte snacks and drinks with the Ace et Ace Royal cocktails, mini-bagels, mini-sandwich boxes and mini chocolate and lemon desserts as well as sushi to share.

Parisian bistro-style. Make your own salads or enjoy beef or salmon cooked on a hot stone, savoury tarts as well as a variety of gourmet desserts, a selection of fruit and cheeses by the slice.

A contemporary dining experience with waiter service and gourmet dishes given a special Roland Garros touch by our chef.
Try the foie gras mi-cuit with red berry gelée and crusty fig bread, oven-baked cod and home-made Italian vegetable tartlet. Desserts include raspberry macaronade with a verbena sorbet.
Starter/main or main/dessert: €49
Starter/main/dessert: €59

The Mousquetaires Terrace

Take a refreshing time-out on this lively, shaded terrace located just off the famous Place des Mousquetaires.
Stop by the food counter or grocery store for a bite to eat at any time of the day: breakfast, lunch or even just a snack.

Located on the southern esplanade of Suzanne-Lenglen court, these 3 food counters offer a variety of homemade burgers as well as a selection of fresh sandwiches, salads and hot dogs, not forgetting portions of chips cooked without using palm oil.
OThe counters start serving as soon as the gates open, so pop in for a late breakfast or to round off your meal with a Café Gourmand (coffee served with a selection of mini desserts).


There are two self-service "épiceries", one on the South esplanade of Suzanne Lenglen court and one on the Place des Mousquetaires, with a bright new range of health and fitness foods as well as some tasty alternatives.
The "Plaisir & Tendance" menu is a full meal costing between €8 – €15 and can include for example a tomato and mozzarella salad, a salmon and dill club sandwich and a chocolate cake to round it off.
There is also a range of snacks from €1 –€4.50 with various cookies and speciality yoghurts.

Les Comptoirs


If you are looking for quick service, then go for one of the various food counters located by each court which have simple, quick and practical food to take away.
Sandwiches, salads and hot dogs are on the menu as well as burgers and fries cooked without using palm oil.
There are five set menus ranging from €7 – €15, depending on how hungry you are!
All sandwiches are made fresh every day on site with fresh bread supplied by a top-quality Parisian bakery.


To avoid the queues, you can pre-order a €7 – €13 set menu via the ticketing website (up until 10 pm the day before your visit). New for 2014: the burger menu is now available to pre-order!
There are two pick-up points for your food – on the South esplanade of Suzanne Lenglen court and at the Place des Mousquetaires.

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