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General advice to improve comfort for spectators with reduced mobility.

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Make your visit easier so that you can enjoy an excellent time at Roland-Garros

General advice to improve your comfort

The Grounds at Roland-Garros cover over 8 hectares and the paths between the courts and the stands can become very busy which may prove to make your visit somewhat uncomfortable if you do not take the adequate precautions. We ask you therefore to consider the following:

  • Prepare yourself for the weather conditions that have been predicted for the day. The heat of the sun can be quite oppressing in the court stands and we recommend that people who may be affected dress accordingly (clothes that protect from the sun, sun cream, hat etc.) in order to make up for the lack of shade covering some parts of the stands on sunny days.
  • There are no escalators or moving walkways in the Grounds. People with reduced mobility are asked to take this factor into consideration, especially for access to the seats in Category 3 on the show courts which are situated very high up. Those who are severely disabled are asked to reserve their seats using a dedicated service (see below) in order to benefit from easy access seats.
  • Three hospital bays (one under each of the main show courts) are available in case of need and an emergency bay is also always available at Gate 13 (found at the north-east side of the Court Philippe-Chatrier).

Access to the Grounds for spectators with reduced mobility

The closest car parks to the Grounds are unfortunately over 500m away and there are thus no reserved parking spaces for wheelchair users in the immediate proximity to the Grounds. Nonetheless, a drop-off zone is available in front of the Gate I – Suzanne-Lenglen, 8 Boulevard d’Auteuil, on the presentation of a valid disability card or by requesting a vehicle pass from the prefecture at the following address (please send along with your request a photocopy of your disability card and your vehicle registration number):

Police municipale
24, avenue André-Morizet

Gate I – Suzanne-Lenglen (8, Boulevard d’Auteuil) is the best adapted for wheelchair access. Wheelchair users may enter the Grounds directly without having to pass through the queue on the sidewalk.

Two Peugeot Roland-Garros shuttle-buses especially adapted for wheelchair users will be available at Porte d'Auteuil for spectators wishing to leave or enter the Grounds from Porte d'Auteuil.

They will run from Porte d'Auteuil (line 2 - yellow) to the gate I - Suzanne-Lenglen, but will also be available for all three of the shuttle-bus lines upon request.

IMPORTANT: The Court Suzanne-Lenglen is built on a raised platform. In order to get from one side of the court to the other inside the Grounds, you may use a specific access path running parallel to the Boulevard d’Auteuil between the Gates K and L. A ramp leading up from this path gives you access to the raised platform on which the Court Suzanne-Lenglen is situated, which can also be accessed by an elevator near the court No.10 and the stairs to the east of the Court Suzanne-Lenglen.

N.B.: Because of difficult accessibility, the RG LAB 2050 is not recommended to spectators with reduced mobility. However, a special service is available for you upon request from the dedicated service team at the entrance to the area.

N.B.: A Handisport Stand is situated at the top of the Allée Suzanne-Lenglen. Please do not hesitate to go along for sports and other practical information.

Booking procedures for wheelchair users

Please consult the page ' Wheelchair Users' for more details: click here.

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